Anindya Kundu

IT undergraduate

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About Me

I'm a pre-final year Information Technology undergraduate at Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur. I am inclined towards full-stack web development, familiar with MERN/MEAN/MEVN stack, and further exploring them to hone my skills. In addition, I take interest in Interaction Design, and am trying my hand at New Media Art.

I'm getting familiar with functional programming and plan to explore behavioral programming. I've currently enrolled in a Quantum Computing course, and have also undertaken a Deep Learning specialization on Coursera from I've lately been exploring Genetic Algorithm by developing some basic AI games.

I'm a tech enthusiast, and remain actively on the watch for new technologies and products in the areas of mobile computing. My goal is to get actively involved in the development of interactive technologies for education and daily-life, which would blear the human-computer communication disparity through more advanced interaction.


Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2020

Intern at Sugar Labs

Music Blocks JavaScript Export

My project is based on a web application called "Music Blocks". The aim of Music Blocks is to teach beginners how to program things, using a snap-together block structure to create music. The purpose of my project is to generate equivalent JavaScript code for the block stacks of any Music Blocks program, to help users graduate to a more expressive and conventional text-based programming language.


Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur

July 2017 - June 2021 (exp)

Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology

I have a CGPA of 9.29/10 upto 6th semester, ranking first in my class.

The Future Foundation School, Kolkata

May 2016

Indian School Certificate (ISC)

Overall percentage of 95% in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, and Computer Science.

St. Xavier's School, Raiganj

May 2014

Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE)

Overall percentage of 96% in Science, Mathematics, English, History & Geography, Computer Applications, and Bengali.


India-Japan International Linkage Degree Program (ILDP) Internship

I was accepted as an intern at Hiroshima University, through my university (ILDP member institution), during the summer of 2020. My project proposal was titled "Semantic Segmentation and Lane Detection in Urban Traffic Scene". Unfortunately, it couldn't go forward due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Kharagpur Winter of Code

Participated in IIT Kharagpur's Open Source development event organised by Kharagpur Open Source Society (KOSS), and contributed to two web-based projects and a library of Data Structures and Algorithms. I have written code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript (Angular), JQuery, and PHP for the web-based projects, and in Java for the Data Structures and Algorithms library. My work was concentrated around restructuring and refactoring existing code, fixing some UI related issues, and general enhancements. I have made 36 commits and created 7 pull requests over a 5-week period.

Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation (CESC) Knowledge Carnival 2019

1st Runners Up

Presented a technical paper with a batchmate, on "A Networking Scheme implementing IT on Power Distribution Lines". The theme was "Digital Application for Process Improvement in Power Sector". Our proposal covered a high-level implementation of a network of Smart Meters to monitor, analyze, and control power consumption, for attaining "operational efficiency" by a) achieving better collection, b) countering electricity theft, and c) improving load management.


Secret Sharing Schemes

Developed programs in MATLAB implementing different encryption/decryption schemes on grayscale images, based on some research papers in Secret Sharing.

Replicated in code, Adi Shamir's (r, n) thresholding Secret Sharing Scheme. Followed Chih-Ching Thien and Ja-Chen Lin's approach which is similar to the previous, to develop another (r, n) scheme. Also, replicated in code, Li Bai's matrix-based Secret Sharing Scheme, and George Blakley's hyperplane based Secret Sharing Scheme. Developed the encryption and adding methods for (2, n) Visual Cryptographic Scheme based on Naor-Shamir constructions.

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Fingerprint-based Voting Machine

Developed the prototype of a Fingerprint-based Biometric Voting Machine using two Arduinos communicating through an I2C communication channel, as part of my BTech 5th semester mini project. I am currently working on further improvements of the prototype in terms of security, reliability, and practicality. For the same, I have considered the use of a single-board microprocessor system, over a microcontroller, and upgrading to a USB based storage media over the currently used 8-pin EEPROM.

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Route Plotter

An image processing project that finds the shortest path between two points in a map. It thresholds (Otsu) the image to create a mask and extracts the roads, using contours in OpenCV. It then, generates a skeleton of the road area, using Skeletonize, and converts to graph, using SKNW. It finally, uses A* Algorithm to find the shortest path between the said nodes on the graph; the path is plotted on the actual map using MatPlotLib.

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Front-end Web Apps

A collection of some front-end web apps including some games like Minesweeper, Sudoku, Snakes & Ladders, and some New Media Art projects created using p5.js.

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